ChineseBites #7: Nong Chinese Restaurant

Our ChineseBites adventures continued on.  This week, we tried out Nong Chinese Restaurant -- formerly known as The One, although not to be confused with other The One's out there.

The evening started off with some cold appetizers, including the jelly pork (肴肉, leftmost) and marinated beef (五香牛肉, rightmost).  These two were fairly standard dishes.  The vegetarian duck (素鵝, top) is essentially a bean curd wrap filled with things such as shiitake mushrooms and carrots.  Not bad.  My favourite was the chicken in chili sauce (四川口水雞, bottom), literally translated to "mouth watering chicken".  Still not as good as The Place since the meat there was softer, but the mix of garlic, ginger, sesame oil was delicious here also.

Ah, once again, lobster. This time, we had the lobster with bitter melon and shredded pork (涼瓜肉碎炒龍蝦).  Although I don't like bitter melon, the lobster here was actually pretty good -- as long as I avoided the melon.  It had a nice hint of bitterness to it, similar to how deep fried bitter melon glutinous balls are.

The braised pork hock (東坡肘子) was massive.  The other side of the table seemed to have a great time photographing it.

I got a piece near the edge, which was smaller.  Thank goodness -- a small bite of the thick fatty layer was enough.  The meat itself was quite moist and tender.

The tea smoked duck (馳名樟茶鴨) is purportedly the dish to get here.  It was alright.  It was a bit tough and kind of felt like Chinese cured duck because of this and its saltiness.

We were brought some xiao long bao at the end of the meal.  They were reasonably sized, but I thought they were fairly standard.  The lamb with spicy cumin (籽然炒羊肉) was not that impressive, although it was quite fragrant.

The stir fried shrimp with vegetables (勝瓜雲耳蝦球) was alright.  I don't really like this type of vegetable to begin with -- it's sort of like chayote, but with a stronger taste that I dislike.  The braised pork belly (梅菜扣肉) is quite a traditional Chinese dish and fairly standard.  The sauce would have been great with some rice, except I was already quite full.  The crab meat with winter melon soup (蟹肉冬茸羹) was a bit different in texture than the normal crab meat soup because of the melon.  It was okay.

I quite enjoyed the vegetable salty pork rice (鹹肉青菜飯), which is a simple Shanghainese rice dish.  Although a tad salty, this is sort of how it should be, so I can't complain.  The rice was nicely coated with just the right amount of oil and each grain was separable.  Just as it should be.

Quite frankly speaking, I've passed by this restaurant countless times and have never been slightly tempted to try it out.  The large "The One" and now "Nong" signs outside were simply not appealing.  However, the decor inside is actually quite nice and new.  The food is pretty good too, and I'd say this is one of the best traditional Chinese food we've had with ChineseBites.

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Nong Chinese Restaurant 儂京川滬粵海鮮酒家
5701 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 263-4460
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