Clay Pot & Chicken Soup @ Long's Noodle House

Although I came here not too long ago for lunch, I went back to Long's Noodle House for dinner along with Rick.  Shanghainese food is delicious for dim sum and all, but there are some foods that need to be enjoyed during dinner time.

We started off  with the standard xiao long bao dumplings.  These were quite plump and filled with a lot of delicious soup.

The main reason why we had to return here for dinner was for this: the chicken and wonton soup in a clay pot.  Goodness, this thing is massive.  We each had at least four bowls of soup between the four of us.  The wontons inside, stuffed with bok choy, were not life-changing, but the soup was so delicious.  It was so rich from the whole chicken, yet not overly salty as these soups may tend to be.  I also loved the addition of goji berries.

The beef in the Shanghainese beef noodles were tender and had just the right amount of fat to them., while the soup was rich and flavourful.

The drunken chicken was served slightly warm, and I would have much preferred a colder jar of chicken for my cold appetizer.  It was alright, but I thought it could have had more flavour to it.  The stir fried green beans lacked the beautiful dry-friedness that I still remember so fondly from Lucky Gate, but it wasn't bad.

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Long's Noodle House 小龍記麵家
4853 Main St   
Vancouver, BC 
(604) 879-7879
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