Oyako & Sukiyaki @ Kita No Donburi

The names of some foods have always fascinated me, especially Asian dishes.  The name "oyako-don" is particularly interesting.  Literally translated, "oyako" means "parent-child"... which makes sense because the donburi, or rice bowl, is topped with chicken and egg.  It's sort of depressing when you think about it (like this).  But it's so delicious.  Any who, on this occasion, I visited Kita No Donburi during my lunch break.

The oyako-don ($6.95) came with a bowl of miso soup.  I was pleasantly surprised that the egg was not overcooked at all, but rather, it was quite soft and had the consistency of an onsen tamago.  The yolk and white were mixed prior to cooking though.  The chicken was soft as well.  Overall it was a filling meal for less than $8 with tax.

On another occasion, since the fall weather was creeping in, I went back for a sukiyaki don ($8.95) since sukiyaki, with it's sweet sauce and beef in a hot pot, reminded me of warmth.  I was disappointed that the egg was already cooked (albeit slightly), since I really wanted some raw or semi-raw egg.  I found the beef and rice combo to be overall a bit too savoury.  I preferred the oyako-don more (and it's cheaper too!)

Also, similar to Wo Fung Noodle Express, it's modelled like the typical fast food chain in Asia.  Patrons head to the counter to order and pay, find their own seat and table, and have their food delivered to them.  It's efficient and good for a quick lunch.

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Kita No Donburi
423 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-3388
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