ChineseBites #6: Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Continuing on our ChineseBites adventure, we headed into Kerrisdale for some Chinese food at Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant.  I rarely head out to Kerrisdale, let alone for Chinese food.

As per usual, the Chinese restaurant showcased their dungeness crab.  This time, it was the crab with special house sauce (秘製蟹) with a noodle base.  Of course, a generic, non-specific name for the sauce was just what we needed.  It seemed like a mix of black bean sauce along with dou ban sauce and had a bit of spiciness to it.  The sauce had a thick viscosity to it that was almost a bit too cornstarchy.

The honey garlic spareribs and deep fried shrimp balls (蒜子蜜汁骨炸蝦球) were crispy and not overly sweet.  I preferred the shrimp balls over the spareribs since they were nicely fried with a nice bouncy and crunchy texture.

Continuing on with the fried foods, we sampled the deep fried sole fillet (骨香龍利球) which was also quite crispy and had a salt and pepper seasoning.  The deep fried duck wrapped in taro (香酥鴨) had a thick layer of mashed taro (which wasn't dry!) on top of a layer of duck.  The outer layer was thin and crispy, which I enjoyed.

I initially tried to avoid the steamed tofu & egg white with diced seafood and meat (琼山豆腐), but since Grace said it was amazing, I had to try it.  It indeed was very soft and had just the right amount of sauce.  Although smooth and soft, the tofu didn't become watery which was also a huge plus.  I actually liked it even though I don't really like steamed tofu dishes.

I didn't try the stir fried beef with steamed buns (醬爆花卷牛肉) since I don't really like beef slices at Chinese restaurants -- they have a tendency to be heavily baking soda'd.  Sherman commented that it was tender (but still baking soda'd though).   I was a bit too excited to have some veggies this time and picked at the dried garlic & enoki mushrooms with pea tips (蒜子金菇浸豆苗) before some people took pictures... oops. It was good and not too oily in the broth.

We also sampled some dim sum dishes, including the deep fried shrimp paste with tofu and with eggplant.  I had a few of the eggplant ones which were quite good.  The shrimp was once again bouncy, but lacked a strong shrimp flavour (which I'm perfectly fine with).  The eggplant parts soaked quite a bit of oil though.  We initially suspected the deep fried green tea sticky rice ball with sesame was actually of the bittermelon variety, but no. Regardless, these were pretty good (since they were fried), but they were also quite greasy.  The black sesame filling was not too sweet and balanced well with the mochi exterior.

Since the tofu dish was so good, I was excited to try the tofu dessert, only to be thoroughly disappointed.  It was not soft at all and rather quite dense.  The baked tapioca dessert was filled with red bean paste and alright.

All in all, it was a quite satisfying dinner at Golden Ocean; most of the dishes (except the tofu dessert!) were decent.

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Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant 金海閣海鮮酒家
2046 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 263-8886
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