Tuna & Bisque @ Finest at Sea

Despite it being a cold day, I joined Diana and Kirby for a food truck lunch date since I work around the area anyway.  Hurrah for working in downtown!

Diana and I tried out Finest at Sea, which is often times parked outside the art gallery, while Kirby tried Pig on the Street.  Turns out they're primarily an ocean products company that catches wild seafood.  I guess this food truck is a side business. Clever.

I had the local albacore tuna steak ($8.50) with flash seared fillet.  I thought the piece of tuna was quite generous and I enjoyed it with the wasabi mayo.  I wasn't really a fan of the marinated seaweed, which had quite a fishy taste to it.  The bun was also quite nice and seemed to be of decent quality.

Diana opted for the similar but different wrap -- the local albacore tuna ‘Japanese style’ wrap ($5.50) -- even though it had a similar filling like tuna and greens, it also came with a housemade Indian lime pickle yogurt.  I'm more of a sandwich person as opposed to wraps, and the tuna here was actually just small chunks, not an entire piece like my sandwich.

She also had the roasted halibut bisque ($5) which looked pretty good and perfect for a cold day.  Overall, the meal at this food truck was not too special, but it was of pretty decent value -- especially considering that the seafood is local and wild.

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Robson Street & Hornby Street   
Vancouver, BC 
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