Hipsters & Baguettes @ Finch's Tea & Coffee House

Since Krispybites was going to be leaving Vancouver (forever) within the week, we went to grab lunch close to my office along with Kirby.  Finch's Tea & Coffee House has been under my radar for a long while now are I heard about how hip it was. Oh and it was a filming location for 50:50 (Joseph Gordon Levitt!?)!

Krispybites' cheese plate was the first to arrive.  Consisting of a pear, brie, grapes, and walnuts, as well as crackers, it seemed to be simple but of high quality.

Kirby had the pear and brie baguette which was filled with fruit and cheese, as well as prosciutto and walnuts.

Similarly, I opted for the baked blue brie baguette ($8.95) filled with the same thing, sans pear and with fancier blue cheese.  I enjoyed this baguette a lot -- it was like a fancy cheese and meat platter rolled up into one sandwich.  On the other hand, the baguette and walnuts here added a nice crunch and texture that could not be had at fancy parties.  All the ingredients seemed fresh, which I appreciated.

Thankfully, we beat the rush by meeting before 12pm, but regardless, service was not that quick. Each sandwich and salad is "made fresh with love" and hence why.  Funny how two people on separate occasions alluded it to a Subway that was higher in quality and fresher.  I loathe Subway, but I'll definitely be back for more Finch's.

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Finch's Tea & Coffee House
353 W Pender St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 899-4040
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Yummy. I think I should've gotten a baguette too, but I just have a thing against sandwiches. And it does look like a Subway!

I saw pics of their salad! They look delicious too. I'll have to go back :)

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