Fish Paste & Rice Rolls @ Kirin Seafood Restaurant 麒麟海鮮酒家

Since we were in Surrey that morning, we dropped by for dim sum at the Kirin at Starlight Casino on the way back to Richmond.

The standard shrimp dumpling was plump and delicious, while the BBQ pork bun was also not bad.  The char siu inside wasn't too fatty, which I feel is ideal when it's used this way.  I was also happy the bottom was not soggy.

The more premium dish that we ordered was the duck web braised with abalone sauce.  It was fancier than the standard ones cooked with oyster sauce in a steamer and definitely looked like they were cooked with care.  These were leaner, but I didn't feel the abalone sauce was too different from the regular sauce.

We ordered the famous fish paste and bean curd rice roll as we had a very good experience last time.  Indeed, this time, it was just as good -- with a perfectly crispy bean curd roll and springy fish paste.  A winner every time.  We also ordered a deep-fried fish paste and chive dish.  Turns out this is pretty similar to the rice rolls, and it was a bit redundant and not as good.  I would've gone with another plate of rice rolls instead.

The egg tarts were delicious with a flakey crust, and the "egg shatters", basically deep fried egg puffs, were overly sweet with the mass amount of syrup.  They weren't overly crunchy though, which was good.

I enjoy the dim sum at this Kirin.  It's less packed than the Richmond one, and they don't even charge the standard tea surcharge!

(604) 528-8833
350 Gifford St (Starlight Casino)  
New Westminster, BC
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Mmmmmm.... Char sui buns and Foo Yung. I love dim sum!

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