Hainanese Chicken & Roti @ Coco Hut 椰林餐廳

Prior to heading to the Richmond Night Market, Rick and I had a quick dinner at Coco Hut at Union Square (or what I'd like to call, "the Richmond Sushi mall with many hair salons").

I love roti. The other day I might have stopped in my tracks at the Richmond Night Market and shouted that sentence when I saw the roti stand. Hence, we ordered the roti with curry beef brisket (~$8). Sadly, the roti here was a major disappointment. It was quite bread-like and not flakey, unlike the delicious ones from Polytaste Kitchen.  Fortunately, the beef brisket was delicious and made up for it. The sauce was hearty and had a nice blend of spices. The beef wasn't as fatty as that of Gee Taste Good, but it wasn't tough either.

We also ordered the Hainanese chicken (~$8) which came with a bowl of rice and soup since the last time I had Hainanese chicken at Cafe d'lite Express was such a disappointment.  Here, the chicken tasted just right and was free from tendons and bones.

All in all, Coco Hut is one of my favourite restaurants in Richmond for Hainanese chicken.  The curry here is also delicious, and it was a filling meal.

Coco Hut 椰林餐廳
8328 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 270-3368
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