ChineseBites #8: Cindys Palace 頭啖湯美食專家

We ventured to yet another Chinesebites excursion -- this time to Cindys Palace in East Van.  No, not Cindy's. Cindys.

Judging from the Chinese name, which actually does not involve any palaces of any sort, the specialize in soup -- specifically double-boiled soup.  Instead, we tried out this lamb and fish in hot pot soup, which I liked.  There were quite a lot of bones in some bowls, but mine was fine.  It was perfect for the cold weather!

Spareribs are often steamed with kabocha squash for dim sum, but this time it was steamed inside a whole squash! Gotta give them credit for that.  I liked this method since this meant that the squash didn't soak up all the grease from the spareribs.  The pork hock with preserved plums reminded me of the traditional "ginger vinegar" pork hock but with a plum taste to it.  Very gelatin-y.  I liked it.

The steamed wintermelon with vegetables was nicely presented, and the wintermelon was soft. The stir fried chicken steamed on rice in leaves was very interesting.  I liked the various mushrooms and sausage added to it.

I wasn't a fan of the deep fried squid as it was a bit tough -- not as good as Sun Sui Wah's.  The stir fried pork jowl was alright.  There was quite a bit of celery, which I was not a fan of.

The stir fried prawns with tea leaves was served in a weaved basked, sort of like a cornucopia.  The prawns had a nice crunch to them, but they were quite standard otherwise.

The pan fried vermicelli seemed impressive at first, but there wasn't too much beef, since the bottom was almost all vermicelli.  I did like the nice crunch from the noodles, since most places do not serve them this way.  The special fried rice was alright -- nothing too special, ironically.

We sampled two desserts, which both seemed liked deep fried glutinous balls.  The pumpkin variety, filled with red bean paste was a tad oily, but they were so cute! The exterior didn't really have that strong of a pumpkin taste.  The sesame variety, filled with black sesame was a bit overly sweet, but the exterior was nicely done.

Overall, it was a very elaborate feast at Cindys Palace, and although I said I was sick of Chinese food the day before the ChineseBites dinner, I didn't mind this.  There were quite a few twists on the food which I appreciated.

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Cindy's Palace 頭啖湯美食專家
1796 Nanaimo St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-6183
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