Beef & Dip @ Black + Blue

Since Gwen came to visit me at the office and join me for lunch, and on a Wednesday, I had to suggest heading to Black + Blue for their $10 beef dip on Wednesdays.

The beef dip (regularly $13), was served with fries, au jus, and ketchup.  The fries had a bit of cajun seasoning to them and were actually not bad.

The thinly shaved prime rib was soft and very slightly pink! The beef, along with the lightly toasted French bread was so delicious with the au jus.  I think I ended up using quite a lot of the dip.

At first, the sandwich didn't seem to be that big.  However, along with the fries and generous amount of beef, it was actually quite a filling lunch.  Not a bad deal for $10, especially at Black + Blue.  However, I still think the burger and beer deal at Society is a better deal.  Of course, the venue and ambience is quite a bit different.

Black + Blue
1032 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 637-0777
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