Roti & Fish Cutlet @ Admiralty Centre Food Court

Not feeling that hungry and since we wanted to avoid the parking pains at Parker Place on the weekend, I went with Mama Leung to the food court in Admiralty Centre. Sadly, the famous cart noodle place was closed on Sundays.

She ordered the fish cutlet from Happy Together, which is probably not a reference to The Turtles song, but actually the Hong Kong chain, Cafe de Coral, which has the same Chinese name.
The fish cutlet came with an egg as well as toast and a hot drink, since it was intended to be a breakfast set.  The fish was freshly fried with a light crispy exterior, and overall, it was a seemingly good deal for less than $6.

I, on the other hand, tried out Polytaste Curry Kitchen, which offers Southeast Asian cuisine.

I'm a bit crazy about roti, so I jumped in excitement when I saw they offered a roti dish.  Served with curry, the roti was very flakey and had a nice crispy exterior.  It was so beautiful, and was less than $4! Not so much a full meal, but it tide me over until dinner (which was earlier than usual that evening).

Polytaste Curry Kitchen 藝達咖哩小廚 / Happy Together Fast Food
Admiralty Centre Food Court
8700 McKim Way
Richmond, BC
Polytaste Curry Kitchen 藝達咖哩小廚 on Urbanspoon  Happy Together Fast Food on Urbanspoon Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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