Bubble Tea & Beef Noodles @ Zephyr Tea House Cafe 飄香

Prior to heading to the Deighton Cup, Rick and I grabbed a quick lunch at Zephyr Tea House in Richmond.  Although I was really more in the mood for some cheap eats at Parker Place food court, we feared the crowds and Richmond driving that awaited for us there.  Generally, I tend to avoid having full meals at bubble tea restaurants, but it was a hot day and we wanted cold drinks.

Since I was craving green tea frappuccinos from Starbucks, I ordered the thing that seemed to be the closest: the matcha ice cream slush.  Not as creamy as the Starbucks' equivalent but still satisfying nonetheless, with it's addition of fresh whip cream and red beans.

He went with the cappuccino cookie ice cream slush, which had little to no coffee taste to it.  It seemed more like a chocolate slush with cookie crumbs.  This was a bit disappointing, even for me, and I don't even enjoy coffee.

The deep fried fish cakes were delightful with the sweet and sour dipping sauce.  They were piping hot and had the perfect bite to them.  I really enjoyed this and would definitely order this snack again.

We shared the spicy house beef noodles with brisket as well.  The beef here was delicious and soft, though I didn't really enjoy the noodles.  The soup could have been heartier in my opinion.  Overall, I'd say the Taiwanese beef noodle from Accord Food House was better though.

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Zephyr Tea House Cafe (飄香)
7911 Alderbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 270-2588
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