Sweetbreads & Bone Marrow @ Wildebeest

Prior to heading off for the Kishi Bashi concert, we went to the newly opened Wildebeest to grab dinner.  Having been opened for a few weeks, it's been the talk of town as of late -- many people mentioning that it's quite packed, even on the weekdays.  When people talk about what they serve, they generally just reply "MEAT".  Of course, this caught my attention, and it quickly moved up on my wishlist.

Located on the edge of Gastown across to the Woodwards building, the new restaurant is quite hip and trendy.  There have a bustling open kitchen, which I loved.  I love being able to see some of the behind-the-scenes of restaurants, especially a busy one such as this.

Most of the tables were long tables, meant to be shared with other patrons.  I didn't mind it.  It's actually more efficient this way, I think, and more restaurants should do this.

Camille and I shared two dishes, with the first being the roasted sweetbread, with onions, verjus gastrique ($15).  There were a mix of caramelized onions as well as crispy ones, which went well with the sweetbreads.  Although delicious and done right, the sweetbreads were quite overwhelming and rich... which is, I guess, the point really.

Before going to Wildebeest, I checked out their menu and had to get their roasted bone marrow ($13).  I honestly didn't quite know what to expect with this; typically, the bone marrow with the stock and soups at home is good and delicious though.

Instead this was also quite rich and savoury.  We enjoyed the first few bites with the bread, but we quickly used up our two slices.  I asked for more, and we received some complimentary rye bread slices, which I didn't really like.  Although good, like the sweetbreads, one or two bites of this bone marrow is more than enough.  Since it's quite large, it could be enough for five people, I'd presume.

The star of the night was the dry-aged Angus beef ribeye ($42), which Doro went all out to get, because YOLO.  That and arugula.  Once again, it did seem like this dish was meant to be shared, since it was already nicely cut up.

Perfectly medium-rare, the steak was tender and not chewy at all.  It was paired perfectly with the sauce and arugula and not overwhelmingly savoury like the other two dishes.

Since we had some snacks at La Taqueria, we weren't very hungry to begin with.  Although the food was delicious, when they say that the dishes are meant to be shared, they aren't kidding.  I cringe at the thought of having a whole bone marrow to myself.

120 W Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 687-6880
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