Birthdays & Cake @ Sweet Revenge Patisserie

After dinner at 8 1/2 Restaurant, we had to get some cake.  Although it's always good to have cake after dinner, it was a must this evening as it was Camille's birthday.  Since Sweet Revenge was nearby, it seemed like a good choice.  It's funny because the last time I came here was just a bit over a year ago, right before Camille left for her year long exchange.

After a long wait for a table for five, we finally crammed together at the larger table, split with another group of five.  Compared to last time, the wait seemed much longer, and they even had a velvet rope outside their door.

After much indecision, I opted for the white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry topping ($7.50).  I was initially a bit hesitant to order this, since I was a bit scared that the white chocolate would be overly sweet.  However, it turned out it only had a subtle hint of chocolate to it.  It was creamy and enjoyable.

The old-fashioned chocolate cake ($6) was a standard layered cake, while the chocolate mousse cake ($7) was quite smooth and delicious.

The apple pie ($7) arrived cold, despite being asked to be served warm.  After a long wait, they finally reheated it.

The room (the cafe really is just a room) became eerily quiet as we sang for the birthday girl.  Everyone clapped for us afterwards, and it was cute.  The place is definitely too dark to take decent pictures though, as you can see from above.

More: Good Eat - Yum | Photo: Camille Wong 

4160 Main St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-7933
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Oh man. Dat photo <3 You posted about it before me!! Luh you girl.

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"despite being asked to be served. "...

served what? need a proofreader? ;)

oh crap, just seeing if you were paying attention

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