Squid & Pork Hock @ Richmond Night Market

As if my last visit at the Richmond Night Market was not enough (even though we had visited eight food stands in one evening), I went back a few more times.  This time, we went diversified and tried some different stands. Although it feels like summer is almost ending, the Richmond Night Market runs on until October 8, 2012.

QQ Egg Puff

QQ Egg Puff offers bubble waffles in a variety of flavours.  Strange that they didn't have little cartoons for the more expensive $4.50 ones. We were intrigued by the cheese flavoured bubble waffle, but they had already sold out of this flavour.

The chocolate bubble waffle ($4) had a very subtle hint of chocolate.  These were pretty standard; they turned out well, but they weren't as amazing as the ones from Sweet Bubble.  The interior was not as soft and chewy and the exterior wasn't as crispy.

Korean Food

The japchae ($3, medium) from Korean Food was pretty good and fragrant from sesame oil.  It wasn't dry, and there were quite a few pieces of shiitake mushroom.  Even though it was the smallest size, it ended up to be quite a bit of food.

Mango Yummy

Mango Yummy is easily one of my favourite stands in the Richmond Night Market.  Every time I come here, I end up getting their fresh mango sago and pomelo dessert ($5), which has yet to fail me.  It's a rather large cup filled with a generous amount of mango and coconut milk. I think it's a better deal than the bubble tea offered at the night market.

Cherry Icy Bar

As much as I love Cherry Icy Bar, the thought that I could get this outside of the night market at their permanent location in Parker Place's food court makes me opt for Mango Yummy instead.  In comparison, it seems this one has more mango chunks but less coconut milk.  It's also a tad more expensive.

The Squid Co.

I've heard good things about the squid at the night market and set out to get it.  Problem was, there were at least four different stands selling grilled squid.  I settled on this one since it seemed to have the longest line.  That's the Asian way of determining if something's good (and not always the best way, mind you).

The small cup of signature style squid ($6) was alright.  After everyone had a few pieces, it was still over three-quarters full.  I finished another quarter by myself before reluctantly throwing it away.  It was just way too much squid to be enjoyable.

Original Oktoberfest Style

Something I had to come back for was the roasted pork hock ($12) from Original Oktoberfest.  Of course, somehow, we ended up eating dinner prior to this, so I didn't really think we would be able to order it. 

Fortunately for us, some hungry friends came along, and I was able to sample a few pieces.  There was so much meat! The meat was tender fo the most part, except for some tendon-y bits.  The skin, although slightly crunchy, was a bit thick, but that was expected.  There's actually a big bone piece in there as well.

The Famous Popcorn Chicken & Fried Tofu

Vincent bought this fried tofu thinking it was stinky tofu.  Actually, the smell was coming from two stands down.  The tofu seemed nicely fried, but he was disappointed nonetheless.

Chef James Xin Jiang Man BBQ 

Migrating from the Summer Night Market, Chef James Xin Jiang Man's BBQ is still quite popular.  I enjoyed the heavily seasoned skewers which had a strong Northern Chinese influence.

Since I missed it last time around, here is a photo of the famous cherry blossom trees from the night market.  Also, a pic of this dog with puppy eyes yearning for food.

More / Photo: Rick Chung

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(604) 244-8448
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