Skinny Girl Cocktails & Pad Thai @ Pink Elephant Thai

To celebrate the launch of their new Girls Night Out on Thursdays, I was invited to Pink Elephant Thai's party and to try out some of their new Skinny Girl cocktails.  Since Skinny Girl vodka is low in calories (40 calories per 25mL!) it was a good chance to try out more than one cocktail.

As we tried the drinks, it seemed like the next drink was progressively better than the one before.  Although the lychee-tini was a single shot, the low-cal vodka still packed a punch.  Grace (right) and I also enjoyed the strawberry-tini, as we posed for a picture along with Dorothy (centre).

My favourite of the evening was the cosmo though, which was quite strong yet delicious with its cranberry and lime juice.  Throughout the evening we snacked on deep fried wontons filled with chicken, as well as deep-fried fish cakes which were amazingly delicious.  They reminded me of the Hong Kong style "fish cake ends".

However, Dorothy and I wanted some carbs, so we sat down and ordered a chicken pad thai ($12).  I'm not gonna lie -- I can probably count the number of times I've had pad thai with one hand.  (I don't really eat Thai food that often, mostly due to the lack of Thai restaurants in Richmond.)  But actually, I liked this dish, and I'm having major pad thai cravings as we speak.

It had a nice sweetness to it, and the the vermicelli-like noodles were smooth and not clumped together.  (This is important because I've tried cooking these type of noodles; they're very sticky and clump!) We asked for it to be extra spicy, but we ended up getting more red chili peppers anyway.  We added a bit more and it was perfect.
1152 Alberni Street   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 646-8899
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