Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi @ Ichiro Japanese

Although I have been to Takeya countless times, I've never made it out to Ichiro Japanese restaurant, which is touted as the more traditional and fancier older sister.  Yes, although I live in Richmond, Steveston feels quite out of way for me. On this sunny summer afternoon, we grabbed a quick lunch here before buying some seafood on the harbour.

We shared two sets, with the first being the assorted sushi ($16.95).  Interesting, their menu online has seven pieces of nigiri sushi, but there's only five here in this photo... I didn't even notice. Perhaps they forgot to update their menu online. The nigiri sushi was overall good, though not mind blowing, nor life changing.  The sushi rice had a good amount of vinegar to it that brought out the sweetness of the seafood.  As for the top row, I have to say, I outgrew the california roll a while ago, but this was decent.

The assorted sashimi with tuna, salmon, yellow tail ($16.50) seemed to be quite fresh also.  I especially liked the yellow tail, as it had a nice sweetness to it which went well with the soy sauce and wasabi.

All in all, the meal at Ichiro was one that was quite standard and traditional.  The lunch we had didn't have any frills, but it was simple yet delicious.

Ichiro Japanese
12011 2nd Ave
Richmond, BC
(604) 277-1150
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