Burgers & Beers @ Society Dining Lounge

One of the best things about working downtown is that I have a whole bunch of food options that are reasonably close.  Even Yaletown isn't that far off and I have enough time during my one hour break.  Since Jeff was working at Broadway City Hall, we decided to meet in between in Yaletown.  Society, which is normally not opened for lunch on the weekday, offers a burger and beer deal on Friday lunches for $10.

The Society burger (regularly $12.95) is a simple burger with ground kobe beef, tomato, lettuce, and "special sauce".  More fillings, such as cheese, bacon, and fried egg, were available at an extra charge. The patty itself was quite standard; unfortunately it wasn't slightly pink, nor that juicy. The glossy bun, which I liked, reminded me of the sliders I've had at Establishment Lounge.  Along with the crispy bacon, which was well worth the extra $1.50, the Society burger was satisfying.

The beer that came with the deal was the Stanley Park amber.  It was just what we needed to end our first full weeks' of work. They also came with sides of fries, mixed greens, or Caesar salad.  The dressing on my salad was quite oily, but otherwise, it was alright.

All in all, it was a fairly good deal for a lunch in Yaletown since it came with a beer and I was quite full.

1257 Hamilton Street   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 629-8800
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