Roast Beef & Blue @ East of Main Cafe

I've recently seen a lot of pictures of the food from East of Main Cafe, a new restaurant that opened up in Chinatown, across from Phnom Penh.  Darn it, Instagram.  After talking about hanging out throughout the entire summer, JeffKevin, as well as his cousin and I finally came here for lunch before the new school semester was to start.

The cafe primarily serves sandwiches and quiches for lunch, and tapas and charcuterie sets during dinner time.

Kevin and I both ordered the roast beef and blue sandwich ($9).  I liked the bun a lot, as it seemed quite fresh.  The roast beef, along with the blue cheese dressing and arugula was delicious upon the first few bites.  However, since it also had roasted shallot demi, horseradish aioli, and garlic butter, the flavours quickly became a bit overwhelming and complicated, and not necessarily in a good way.  Still, the roast beef was tender and it was a decent sandwich.

Phoebe, compared to us, has a smaller appetite, so she ordered the roast beef sandwich from the kid's menu ($6).  It looked a tad boring with it's whole grain sliced bread, but I didn't try it so I cannot say for myself.  It was also quite small and underwhelming.  Jeff ordered the pastrami sandwich ($9), with fennel-sauerkraut, gruyere, and caramelized onion-grainy dijon. We traded half of our sandwiches... which wasn't such a good deal on my part.  Although the generous amount of pastrami was good, the edges of the rye were hard and seemingly stale.  Also, as I was finishing the half of my sandwich, all I could taste was the dijon.

Overall it was quite a disappointing lunch trip at East of Main.  None of us (except for maybe Phoebe) were satiated, so we ended up going across the street and sharing butter beef and wings at Phnom Penh.  We were also disappointed that we had paid $9 for sandwiches that weren't particularly filling, but I think some of the proceeds of the cafe goes to the Project Limelight Society.

223 E. Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 899-2777
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Regardless of where the money goes, it does not mean I should pay for a $6/$9 sandwich that is so ..for lack of better words.. shitty and underwhelming. Hipster cafe FAIL.

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