Bread & Cheese @ Capstone Tea and Fondue

Whilst on a bit of a shopping frenzy in downtown with Tiffany, we took a break and eventually made our way to Capstone Tea  & Fondue for a snack.

Being the "flagship" store, this one is located at Robson.  Although they have also opened one in Richmond (a Capstone at Capstan Way!), I've never really felt compelled to make a visit.  We did end up here that evening because of a group voucher.

The deal package was for cheese fondue for two, consisting of traditional swiss cheese fondue and a variety of things to dip.

The each of us had our own personal swiss cheese fondue.  Although initially tasty, it quickly become overly salty.  Compared to the fondue we had at Gudrun Tasting Room, this one had little to no wine taste to it and lacked the more sophisticated dimension found in the latter.

There were a larger variety of sides here though, including endless bread cubes, a variety of fruit and vegetables, as well as buttery pastry bits.  The grapes and apples provided a better balance to the salty cheese fondue, and while I enjoyed the flaky pastry coils, they were quite buttery and were really salty with the cheese.

Although it was a nice change from the typical desserts that we have in downtown, I probably would not be back for their cheese fondue which was a bit boring and about the same price as the cheesier one at Gudrun.

Capstone Tea & Fondue
1429 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 608-2866
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