Hainanese Chicken & Laksa @ Cafe D'Lite Express

Prior to heading off to school for an event, I went to Aberdeen Centre for an early dinner with Dorothy.  Since I was a bit tired of the usual spareribs on rice from Leung Kee and Saboten, I decided to try the Hainanese chicken from Cafe D'Lite.

I remember a few years back, it purportedly had one of the best Hainanese chicken in town.  I was quite disappointed by how the Hainanese chicken rice ($7.25) looked when it arrived.  The part that I was given had a lot of tendon, and it was a bit overly salty.

Some pieces were smooth and tender though, but the portion of chicken was quite small.  The rice that it came with was the typical flavoured rice common to Singaporean cuisine.  It was a tad bland though, and there were many clumps of burnt rice.    

The curry beef brisket with rice ($7.75) came in a bowl covered with oil -- quite reminiscent of the one from Gee! Taste Good.  This one was less hearty though, and some pieces of brisket were a bit tough.  I enjoyed the one from Pacific Plaza more.  

Dorothy also got another dish to-go: the Hainanese chicken laksa ($7.25).  The chicken seemed quite bland and not really of the Hainanese variety.  We did notice that the noodles were a mix of thicker yellow noodles as well as vermicelli though, which we liked.

All in all, the meal here was not that exciting, and the portions were smaller than standard Asian food court size. I was actually surprisingly still hungry after it, despite it being an early dinner and the fact that I already had a late lunch.  The chicken was not that great, and I definitely enjoy Coco Hut more.

Cafe D'Lite Express 椰樹林 (Aberdeen Centre)
Unit 3210 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 295-6603
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