Espresso & Banana Bread @ Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato

Although I've been to Bella Gelateria countless times, I have never posted about it because a full committed post on one cup of ice cream would be kind of boring and a waste of text.  So instead, I present you with a compilation post (which is why there are Christmas lights in the picture below).

Touted as serving up the best gelataria in the Lower Mainland, I'd have to say... I agree. It is the best gelato I've ever had, since all the gelato is made fresh with fresh ingredients.  On the most recent occasion, it was my birthday, so I had good reason to pig out. (We came here after a doughnut run at Lucky's, and I had had Dinesty and some cake prior.)

Being the greedy child that I was, I had three scoops, including the banana bread (left), espresso (top), and salted caramel (right).  The banana bread gelato, which incorporates bits of Erin Ireland's banana bread, was delicious and had a stronger banana taste than the It's to Die For bread.  The salted caramel was also creamy and actually quite salty.  It served as a good balance for the other two scoops.

Rick went for the espresso and old fashion chocolate -- his two go-to flavours -- in a waffle cone.  Espresso is also a go-to flavour for me also, although I don't drink coffee, strangely enough.  It has a very nice fragrant flavour to it and is some of the best coffee-flavoured frozen dessert I've had.  The chocolate was quite rich but not overly sweet.

On another visit prior, I had a single scoop of earl grey gelato, which had a creamy, milky taste to it.  It was not very strong on the earl grey flavour, but I still enjoyed it as a whole.

The matcha gelato is not as radioactive as it appears to be in this picture.  Rather, it's my other go-to flavour as well! Sometimes soft-serve matcha ice cream (which I love) can be grainy because of the powdered tea, but here, it's super smooth and rich.

Bella Gelateria has really set the standard for quality gelato that is made fresh.  For me and many others alike, it's become the place to go when one wants to have some gelato.  And this is not dissimilar from how I feel.

Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato
1001 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 569-1010
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