Bacon & Sandwiches @ Railtown Cafe

To celebrate its opening, Railtown Cafe had a block party for media and neighbours to sample their offerings.  And by neighbours, I really mean Hootsuite folk, since the office is right across this restaurant.

With an open kitchen, Railtown Cafe offers mainly soups, salads, and sandwiches.

The first thing I saw upon entering were their glowing pieces of meat, including beef brisket, bacon, pork shoulder, and chicken breast.  All of them were glistening as they sat under the lamps.

They also have a salad bar, where you can build your own salad or choose from a variety of styles.

I'm assuming many of the greens come from this little greenhouse inside their restaurant, aptly named the "patch lab".  It's a really cool idea, and I totally love it.

I mostly stuck to the sandwiches instead of salads though, especially since they featured all the different types of meats, which are actually cooked sous vide. On the plate was the pork, which seemed to have a twist of Vietnamese banh-mi to it, with cilantro, pickled vegetables inside the french baguette.

Although I was most excited to try the reuben (top left) because I was enticed by the prospects of braised beef brisket, the chicken club (bottom) was one of the better ones.  The moist chicken along with the bacon (!) worked nicely together, along with the avocado.  Despite not really loving cooked salmon, I also really enjoyed the salmon (not pictured) since the fish was cooked perfectly and served with arugula and a nicoise garnish.

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Railtown Cafe
397 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 357-3554
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