Tea & Cake @ Patisserie Für Elise

Since it was a while since I've met up with Krispybites, she recommended going to a new cafe in downtown for some cake and desserts.  

Not knowing what the bakery looked like, I spent a good five minutes wandering around Hamilton Street and consulting Google Maps.  

It turns out that in between all the apartments and several shops, Fur Elise was actually in one of these adorable houses.  

The first level of the bakery had a few rows of cakes and baked goods for take out. 

All the visuals and attention to detail in the interior design reminded me of Japan.  Unfortunately, there was no seating space downstairs for patrons to enjoy their pastries.

The uptairs was a designated space for their afternoon tea, and patrons were not allowed to dine here unless they were having the tea sets.  Once again it was a cute space, and we were more than happy to find an air conditioned shelter from the heat outside.

Krispybites and Doris both had the afternoon tea sets ($30 per person).  The tea pots came with strainers in the shape of birds, which I thought was adorable.

The tea sets came with two tiers, containing both savoury and sweet goodies.

Since I had dinner plans, I only stuck around for a short while and had the fur elise cake ($5.50) from downstairs.  I enjoyed the strawberry shortcake which had a nice hint of rose from the jelly on top.  However, it was rather pricey, considering the size and that it would normally be available only to-go.

As much as I enjoyed the surroundings of the bakery, I probably would not come back here to have afternoon tea upstairs.  Buying the cakes and pastries to go doesn't allow one to experience the surroundings either, so I don't really see the point of that as well.  I'm more of a sit and eat type of person, and I don't really like doing take-out.  If they did open the upstairs to everyone who bought a certain amount of food though, I would probably be the first to go back.

Patisserie Für Elise
847 Hamilton street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 684-1025
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You beat me to it! I was writing the post yesterday night, but it's so long that I didn't finish. Still working on it now :P
I actually think I would go back for the afternoon tea though, if it's a "special" occasion and especially if the people I'm going with haven't been there before. It's an interesting experience for sure and it's worth it just to check out the place.

@krispy: haha. It was much easier for me to write when I only had one thing!
Yeah, that's true, but I still think they should have tables for people just ordering pastries and coffee/tea. It's a better business model, especially with the gorgeous space they have.

The interior is so beautiful but the location is very odd. I guess it is part of their charm. :P I feel like this place is quite pricey though, especially that little cake you had. Nice post tho Janice :) I enjoy reading about Van eateries when I'm in Asia haha :)

@Kirby: Haha thanks! Yeah it's not exactly the cheapest place, and it's a bit out of way even for being in the downtown area.

And Krispy and I were just asking each other when you were gonna be home yesterday night! We're already thinking of places to go when you're back :)

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