Hummus & Cauliflower @ Nuba

After enjoying some Brasstronaut at CBC Radio's Musical Nooners, Rick and I grabbed lunch at Nuba on Hastings.  I had been craving Nuba for the longest time, and I had to go back for lunch because the photos I took at night last time were too horrible to post.

Nuba is one of the most notable (read: mainstream) Lebanese restaurants in Vancouver. It's kind of hip inside, and Rick noted that most of the clientele were females.

His chicken tawook plate ($12) -- grilled mount lehman chicken breast marinated in paprika, thyme, lemon, and garlic confit was served with hummus and salad.  It was moist despite being chicken breast, though he mentioned afterwards he should have ordered either a beef or lamb dish instead.  The hummus that is served with the plates is also quite good, and creamy, and the roasted potatoes were delicious.

The main reason why I had to go back was for Najib's special ($11), which is a crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt, served with tahini.  I really enjoyed nutty taste of the cauliflowers that have been browned so beautifully along with the subtle hints of lemon and sea salt. Deep-frying gives the cauliflower a really interesting texture, with the interior still nicely cooked and soft. I'm not sure if everyone would like this dish though, to be honest, since Rick the vegetable-hater still disliked it even though it was a deep-fried vegetable.

I enjoyed this meal, as well as the dinner I previously had at Nuba.  As much as I love Najib's special, I have heard that Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar also had a similar dish for cheaper as well.

Photo: Rick Chung | More: Good Eat - Yum

207 W Hastings St  
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-1655
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You came here again! And I still haven't been. But then I don't exactly have a craving for Eastern Mediterranean food at the moment... Looking forward to our dessert meeting tomorrow :)

@krispy: hahaha I liked it here. Yeah can't wait, see you tomorrow :)

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