Marshmallows & Vodka @ Made with Love Mixology 2012

Last week, twelve of the top bartenders in Vancouver faced off at a mixology competition held by Made with Love.  Mixologists from the hippest bars and restaurants from Vancouver, such as Oakwood Bistro and The Union Bar, showcased their unique drink creations.

Keenan Hood of The Keefer Bar was the judge's choice with his drink, Unpredicted Season. This was definitely one of my favourites, with very unique salted plum and anise star syrup, along with Hornitos tequila.

Each guest cast their own vote, and the Clough Club's Shea Hogan's took the people's choice prize with the Girvän Märk, a drink featuring Hendrick's gin, along with a Maker's Mark bourbon foam.

My favourite of the evening was Jesse Bailey's Anastasia's Little Black Dress, which was a blackberry based drink featuring Skyy vodka and lemon juice.

Topped with a marshmallow, vanilla bean, and Skyy vodka infusion, it was really fruity and delicious.  The freshly torched mini marshmallows added a nice touch and made for a cute drink.

Another interesting drink was The Kentucky Float by Grant Sceney of the Lobby Lounge Bar at Fairmont Pacific Rim -- a simple drink with Maker's Mark, root beer spice syrup, and maker's mark maple ice cream. 

The prettiest drink was the work of The Keefer Bar's Julia Comu, with diamond shaped ice cubes filled with dill, as well as some fancy mixing with dry ice cubes.  Her drink, The Young Delinquent featured a simple mix of Hendrick's gin, dill infused sake, Martini Bianco, and peppercorn syrup.

All in all an enjoyable evening at the Roundhouse, with many more creative drinks from some of the best bartenders in Vancouver.

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The Keefer BarClough Club / Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim 
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