Coffee & Doughnuts @ Lucky's Doughnuts / 49th Parallel Roasters Café

In a search for a place to study and work, Rick and I found ourselves at 49th and Parallel on Main Street.  Just a note, it is not on 49th -- it's actually on 13th.  

In a shared space is Lucky's, which serves premium doughnuts.  

49th supplies their fair trade beans to a variety of coffee shops, including Bel Cafe and Coffeebar.  Rick ordered an iced coffee, which he enjoyed.  The coffee here tends to have quite an acidic taste to it.

Originally a bit horrified that I would have a donut after our meal at Nuba, he could not resist the chocolate old fashioned doughnut ($3).  This was definitely of the double chocolate variety, with a fluffy doughnut generously topped with soft chocolate chips.  It wasn't overly sweet, which I appreciated.

Curious, I ordered the bacon-apple fritter ($3.50), which was much firmer and more cake-like than the chocolate one.  It was topped with a generous amount of bacon bits, which I could really taste throughout the fritter.  There was less apple taste, but that was fine.  It was a weird sweet-savoury combination, but I didn't hate it.

On another occasion, after a meal at Long's Noodle House with Andy, I came here to study by my lonesome with some doughnuts.  Compared to the original glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme (only because that's the first "original glazed" doughnut that comes to mind), this glazed doughnut ($2) one was much more "cakier" and denser.  It felt less sinful and fried and wasn't as sweet.  I enjoyed it, and it cheered me up from making journal entries for accounting.

Seeking refreshing drinks on a hot summer's day, Rick returned yet again.  He stuck to his iced coffee, whereas I ordered the lightly sweeetened strawberry appled iced tea, which was quite refreshing.

We shared the caramel glazed doughnut on this occasion.  The sticky caramel had a pleasant flavour to it that wasn't overbearing or overly sweet.

The doughnuts here are delicious, and I appreciate that it is a place where one can sit down and work.  Compared to Cartems, the experience here was more enjoyable because of that.  However, doughnut-wise, I'd say they're about the same in quality.

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Lucky's Doughnuts / 49th Parallel Roasters Café 
2902 Main St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-4901
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I've tried both Lucky's and Cartem's and I have to say that Lucky's is my favourite. I love their mango lemon bismarck and my goal is to eventually try them all. The pbj and coconut are also good.

Hi Holly, thanks for commenting! I do find myself frequenting Lucky's more, that's for sure. I wanted to try the mango the other day, but it didn't have the glaze on top! PBJ sounds delicious too! I'll have to try that next time :)

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