XLB & Beef Rolls @ Long's Noodle House 小龍記麵家

Prior to studying at 49th and Parallel, Andy and I wanted to grab a quick lunch at Au Petit.  Alas, it was closed so we went to Long's Noodle House, which is right next door.  I hadn't been here in years and totally forgot what their famous xlb's were like.

The famous xiao long baos ($4.95) were juicy and the skin wasn't that thick.  If I recall correctly... Suhang's were thinner though, but theirs didn't have as much soup inside. 

The soft piece of pork inside was of a reasonable size, but it had a bit of the gelatiny texture from the aspic.

To start, we ordered a cold appetizer -- the wine chicken ($5.95).  It seemed like most tables had these small jars as well.  I found it interesting that they had these in jars.  Were they actually soaked in these jars? It was pretty rustic though, so I enjoyed that.

The meat was quite soft and smooth, but I thought it could've had more wine flavour to it.  I remember a friend's family recipe called for a Chinese vinegar, rather than wine.  It tasted pretty good, if not better than this actually.

We ordered the tan tan noodles ($4.95) to share.  I've seen do many variations of these noodles that I don't even know if they're supposed to be accompanied with sauce or soup.  The noodles here had a soupy sauce with a generous amount of preserved vegetables and Sichuan peppers.

Still a bit hungry, we added a beef roll ($4.95) as well, since someone on Foursquare had suggested it.

Compared to the one at Peaceful Restaurant, the wrap was not flaky, but rather had a more yeasty and stretchy texture.  Nor did it have any scallions in it.  Although the beef was pretty good, there was a bit of a hoisin sauce overload, which masked the flavour of the beef.  I preferred the Peaceful one much more.

From what I remember, we didn't really have any of their signature dishes, aside from the XLB's.  Overall, this experience was alright.  I enjoyed the XLB's, but the other dishes were fairly standard.

Long's Noodle House 小龍記麵家
4853 Main St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-7879
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Still a bit hungry, we added a beef roll ($4.95) as well, since someone on Foursquare had suggested it.

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