Birthdays & Canard Confit @ Les Faux Bourgeois

As a pre-celebration of becoming yet another year older, I gathered up two of my favourite ladies out for dinner at Les Faux Bourgeois.  Not-so-conveniently located in East Van, it's on a weird corner on Fraser and 15th, which is basically the same as Fraser and Kingsway.  Where I come from (Richmond.), all our plots of land are squares and rectangles.

Although we had attempted to call in for a reservation multiple times, they did not pick up! Fortunately they had a dinner bar for walk-ins like us.  We sat at a corner, and this boded well since we weren't sitting three in a row.

To start, we had the escargots de bourgogne ($9), with parsley and garlic butter, which was salty.  They were somewhat chewy and didn't have that much flavour to them.  With the garlic butter, it was alright.

It's been a while since I've had onion soup, and the soup à l'oignon gratinée onion soup ($9) did not disappoint.  Although it tended to be a bit on the salty side (which is typical of onion soup), it had a very strong sweet onion taste to it -- resulting in a very rich broth.  I found it interesting that there was bits of back bacon inside, and although some might favour this, I was not a fan.

The soup arrived with a generous layer of bubbling gruyère and mozzarella cheese.  It was super stringy and delicious.  I finished all the cheese but left a bit of back bacon and croutons since the soup was so salty.  

Kem ordered the longue d'agneau or roasted lamb loin ($19), served with with caramelized cauliflower, garbonzos and minted pea créme fraîche, which she enjoyed.  Her main reminded me of the meal at Nuba, with the cauliflower and various beans.  

Doro's filet de boeuf grillé ($21), a tenderloin cut with potato gratin and glazed vegetable.  Her steak arrived perfectly as she had ordered it --  medium rare.  She opted for the herb butter sauce, which we agreed was a bit too salty.

Having heard many good things about this dish, I ordered the canard confit ($18), a confit duck on a warm salad of pommes saladaise, arugula, goat cheese and snap peas with port jus.  It was a surprisingly large piece of meat, laid upon my favourite arugula!

The duck was quite moist, with a thin crispy outer layer, which I loved. The soft meat, combined with the arugula and goat cheese was delicious.  However, I did find it a tad too salty once again.

To my surprise, my friends ordered a cake as well! Thanks, Dorothy and Kemily! The nut-crusted chocolate silk cake ($7) was indeed quite smooth, with a very strong and rich chocolate mousse layer that was quite heavy.  It went well with the raspberry sauce on the side as well as the nutty bottom.

Overall an enjoyable meal at Les Faux Bourgeois -- the prices are quite decent, with a very enjoyable casual yet somewhat fance atmosphere.  Some of the dishes are quite strong in flavour and some tend to be a bit saltier, but it was negligible.

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Les Faux Bourgeois
663 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-9733
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