Curry & Pineapples @ Green Basil

Since I was in the Metrotown area and didn't want to have a meal at the food court with the family, we went to Green Basil, which is actually right across the street on Kingsway.  It's a few units down Accord Food House, but it was a hot summer's day and no one really wanted noodles in soup.

We ordered several lunch specials ($7.50), all of which came with one spring roll each and soup.  The spring rolls, which were piping hot, weren't bad.

I have been here a previous time as well, and the "daily soup" seems to be the same everyday -- a light tom yum style soup.

I stuck with the same dish I had last time: the green curry chicken with eggplants and coconut milk.  At "three chili peppers" according to the menu, this wasn't too-too spicy.  The chicken breast was not overly cooked, but they were strangely perfect in such a way that reminded me of frozen dinners.... I liked it though, since the curry was quite good especially with the thinly sliced eggplants.

Mama Leung ordered the yellow curry chicken with pineapple and coconut milk.  I'm not a fan of pineapple in curry.

Papa Leung ordered the chicken with cashew nuts and Thai chili sauce.  I much preferred the curry dishes over this one, to be honest.  

The fried rice in pineapple was not on the $7.50 menu (sadly).  Served with pork floss and cashews, it had a nice taste of sweetness to it, from the small taste that I had.

At $7.50, lunch here is pretty much a steal.  None of us could finish our meals (not even Papa Leung, though he was close) since the portions were huge.  I totally understand why this restaurant can get quite busy with office staff during lunch hour.  Flavour-wise everything was great, though I think I would stick with something of the chicken variety, for fear that the beef would be heavily tenderized with baking soda.

Green Basil
4623 Kingsway  
Burnaby, BC
(604) 439-1919
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