Food Truck Monday #9: Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

As summer semester draws to a close (finally!), this will probably be one of the last editions of Food Truck Mondays.  This week, Andy, Rick, and I met up at the Vancouver Art Gallery (on the Georgia side) to try out Mangal Kiss.  

This food truck is actually consistently at the same spot on Mondays, yet we have never tried it.  We even kind of avoided it because it was just there.  The concept of scarcity and wanting things that you can't have definitely applies to us I guess.  It wasn't until we ran out of food trucks that we "settled" on Mangal -- I'm really glad we did so because it might be one of my favourite food trucks.

Rick ordered the special of the day ($8), a peace river lamb kabob with organic young greens, cucumber, radish, daikon, fresh mint, and hummus and a sweet pepper and harissa aioli wrapped in pita.  I enjoyed the meat, especially with the strong mint leaves.  The wrap was chocked full of veggies, but compared to the shawarma from Fresh Local Wild, it wasn't too messy.

My shishlik with fraser valley beef rib-eye shish kabob ($7) was filled with a generous filling including:  hummus, tahini, purple cabbage, beets, pickled turnips, pickles, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, spice moroccan carrots, radish, and tabbouleh.  That was a really long list.  I love how they have so many different vegetables making it a very interesting wrap.  Rick said the freshly grilled beef was a bit chewy, but I thought it was alright and not that bad.  I really enjoyed the mix of flavours from the hummus and tahini, as well as the mix of sauces.  I'm not sure if they put all three sauces available, but it was mildly spicy overall.

This is one of the few food trucks which serves large portions of really reasonably priced food. One wrap is definitely a full meal, compared to other trucks which might charges $7 for something that wouldn't qualify as a full meal. The ingredients seem fresh and the vegetables used are quite diversified, which I appreciated.

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Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ 
Art Gallery on Georgia St
Vancouver, BC
(778) 868-4045
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