Food Truck Monday #10: Feastro the Rolling Bistro

All good things must come to an end, and Food Truck Mondays is no exception. Since summer school (not necessarily a good thing, but yes) has ended, Dorothy and I decided to close off the weekly FTM lunches on BC Day with a feast... at Feastro the Rolling Bistro.  Aside: Overall, I'd say the two best food trucks I've been to were Fresh Local Wild and Mangal Kiss.

Actually, we were trying to find the other Tacofino truck, but alas, it was closed.  I was initially quite happy that Feastro was open since it was a truck that I had not tried yet.

Perhaps only because it was a holiday, but we managed to find shade under a few tables set on Robson, outside of the art gallery.  This was probably one of the classier FTMs we had where we didn't have to sit at a bus stop, random steps, or just stand around.  (Fresh Local Wild was classier though, for sure.)

Intrigued by their drink special, she ordered the watermelon mint lemonade ($4).  It was really quite heavy on the mint, and I thought it was a strange combination of flavours.  But then again, I don't really like watermelons as drinks.

We noticed someone had ordered the sweet potato fries ($5.50), and we got that as well since it was of the crinkle-cut variety.  Although initially delicious, as they cooled, they seemed to be slightly undercooked.  Even the delicious smoked chipotle aioli didn't really help that much as we attempted to finish them.

Her beef taco ($8) with sechelt rubbed new york strip, star anise chutney, organic greens, jalapeno and saskatoon berry jelly, and sour cream.  Doro skipped out on the salsa since it had cilantro in it.  I sampled a slice of the beef and found it quite chewy.

I went for the most popular menu item, the fish taco ($8), with cod and star anise chutney, organic greens, tikka masala yogurt, and salsa.  I found it interesting that it was actually chickpea battered, which is quite different from the usual water and flour batter with fish and chips.  The batter was quite thick and not very crispy, so I would have preferred a flour batter over this.

I didn't really like the addition of chutney with the taco.  I did, however, enjoy the piece of cod inside.  The portion seemed quite generous compared to the beef taco, but the overall taco did not seem to justify $8, which did not include tax.

Somehow we ended up paying quite a bit for a less than satisfying meal.  The tacos, although not bad, were somewhat overpriced; one does have to keep in mind that this is a food truck though.  However, Mangal Kiss offers a very satisfying wrap for $7 including tax.

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Feastro the Rolling Bistro
Thurlow & West Cordova   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 868-9339
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