XLB & SJB @ Suhang Restaurant 蘇杭人家

Sunday dim sums can be difficult.  In Richmond, almost every Asian family is out and about trying to find a dim sum spot.  Craving some xiao long bao, we tried going to the somewhat new NingBo at Parker Place.  We quickly gave up and racked our brains for another Shanghainese restaurant, and Mama Leung thought of Suhang Restaurant on Ackroyd Road.

Suhang is another one of those Shanghainese restaurants owned and operated by previous staff from Shanghai River.  It's been quite a while since we've been here, and actually, I don't think we've ever been here for lunch. One thing I love about this small restaurant is their mural.  It's so Asian, but a bit modern at the same time.  Don't judge me.

First thing we ordered, of course, was the xiao long bao ($5.50).  It really has been a while since I've had xlb... The last time was at Dinesty a month ago.  These ones, I think, are better than those.  In comparison, these are much bigger, yet still have an outer layer that is pretty thin.

For our serving our carbs, we got the savoury glutinous rice ($3.95).  It was a pretty standard no-frills rice roll filled with pork floss and a Chinese fritter.

The sheng jian bao ($6.50) is a dish in Vancouver that will never match that of Shanghai's Xiao Yang's which has the thinnest bread part ever.  China-standards aside, this one had a fair amount of soup, which I was pleased about. 

We ordered another fairly traditional Shanghainese dim sum, the pan fried chive "box" dumplings ($5.50), which was alright.  It was a bit overly greasy, and there wasn't a lot of chives in it.  Instead, it was filled mostly with egg.  I recall this dish to be better at Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot, ironically.

Not sure if it's because it's been a while since I've had somewhat decent XLB, but I thought these were really quite good.  Everything else seemed pretty standard though, and I didn't really like the chive dumplings.

Suhang Restaurant 蘇杭人家
#100-8291 Ackroyd Rd   
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-7787
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