Sequoia Part 3½ : Sandbar's Mussel Mania

I'm calling this Part 3½  because Part 3 of the Sequoia posts was also at the Sandbar.  Ever since hearing about the promotion at Sandbar and Cardero's, I've kind of been dying to go to try their Mussel Mania deal.  On weekdays from 3 to 6pm, these two Sequioa restaurants offer a mussels and a pint of Granville Island beer for $12! With some cash left on the gift card I had previously won, Andy, Dorothy and I headed here before the Destroyer concert.  

When I initially heard about it though, it used to be $10, sadly.  Still, considering a pint of beer there is around $6, that's still a pretty good deal.  Sandbar offers three choices of mussels: Tomato Provencal, Thai Curry, and Vindaloo.  We probably should've diversified for the sake of blogging, but Doro stood by Provencal and I wasn't interested in the other two.  Maybe next time.  Although the size of the bucket looks huge, the mussels actually fill about one-third of it.  Still, it was a generous amount of mussels.  

I ordered the Granville Island honey lager with my mussels, whereas Andy ordered the hefeweizen.  Looking back, it was good.  I guess I've been too pampered with microbrewery beers because I had a Sleeman beer yesterday and that was sort of boring and not that great.

We all enjoyed the sauce it was cooked in and used the complimentary bread to drink it.  The chorizo added a nice touch to the mussels and weren't overly salty.  One thing that I was disappointed about was the size of the mussels.  They were definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum and not as big and juicy as the ones from Seasons in the Park.  

I'd probably consider coming back for the mussel deal despite the small mussels. For an additional $6 to your beer, it's really not a bad deal.  I'll have to try out Cardero's Mussel Mania next time though.

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant
1535 Johnston St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-9030
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