Drumsticks & Enoki @ Summer Night Market 2012

Since it's actually starting to feel a bit like summer, Doro and I hit up the Summer Night Market in Richmond. Not to be confused with the Richmond Night Market, this one is located near Home Depot.

Compared to the time we went to the Richmond Night Market and to previous years there was definitely less people.  However, we went to the Bridgeport one the second week it was open, so there would've been more people there for sure.

Stop #1: Dan Dan's Smokehouse

This stand specialized in quite a diverse variety of grilled foods.  I heard about the turkey drumstick ($5 for "large") last year but never got a chance to try it.  Compared to chicken drumstick it was definitely drier and had more tendons, but it was way meatier as well.  It was packed with flavour that had a slight tang of bbq sauce, but not enough, in my opinion.  They actually sell an "extra-large" option for $8.  Doro got the beef enoki (3 for $3), which was not bad.  She didn't like the sauce, and for some reason I thought it had a hint of corn to it.

Dan Dan's Smokehouse: 

Stop #2: The Little Thai Kitchen

In a hunt for "oily meat", we were drawn to this stall since the chef kept putting things on fire.  The Thai sausage ($2.50) was not very good.  It wasn't crunchy nor juicy.  We didn't really like thr flavour either, and I think I remembered that there was some green onion in it as well, which I thought was strange.  I wanted to try the Thai milk tea but eventually forgot.  Has anyone tried it?

The Little Thai Kitchen: 

Stop #3: Hurricane Potato Stand

Obligatory pic of the line-up.  Not bad compared to the one we saw last time at the Richmond Night Market.

Stop #3: Korean Food

Doro wanted her rice cake again.  The cup of toppoki rice cake ($2) was alright.  It's pretty hard to mess this up.  Actually, nevermind, the first cup had a hair in it. Compared to the stand at RNM, this one had some nappa cabbage in it.

Korean Food: 

Stop #4: Tornado Cake

We noticed that this stand was selling spiralled food that was NOT a potato, and I was quite intrigued.  These tornado cakes ($3) are roasted a few inches above charcoal, giving them a hint of flavour.  They're more like cinnamon buns than cakes and quite soft inside with a slightly crisp exterior. Since they gave the option of choosing up to two toppings, being the greedy Asian girl I am, went for both cinnamon and walnut. Quite the delicious combo, I'd say.

Tornado Cakes: 

Stop #5: Vietnamese Delicious

Dorothy saw these deep fried crab claws ($5 for 5 pieces) and had to get them, even though I tried to remind her that they were not so good last year.  I think they were about the same as last year's (though it's now $5 for 5 instead of 7 pieces), and they weren't that great.

Vietnamese Delicious: 

Stop #6: What8ver Cafe

No, they don't have a stall at the nightmarket.  We went to What8ver after because we were quite unsatisfied.  (There were quite a few TWSS jokes that evening.)

Summer Night Market 夏日夜市
12631 Vulcan Way   
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-8000
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That man in the green shirt looks delicious.

Did you want a piece of his .. okay I wont' finish.

@typingwithtea: I think the RNM (near the casino) is a tad better, just because they have more food stands. However, I've heard bad things about the "shark fin" soup at the dim sum stands... and I LOVE that at the Summer Night Market.

I noticed that everything is thumbs down except for the tornado cakes. Sounds like a pretty unlucky food adventure :P

@krispy: I think you were probably the only person who's noticed. haha.

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