Beef Rolls & Knife Shaved Noodles @ Peaceful Restaurant

After Dennis and Rick were judging me for not having been to Peaceful Restaurant, I felt a bit sad and had to go the next day.  Since Andy works right in that vicinity, we went together and successfully evaded #foreveralone meals.

Being featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, we had to try the beef roll ($7.25).  Where has this been all my life.  This was seriously good.  I've tried this dish a few times at other places, but this is definitely the best, hands-down.  The pancake layer was not too thick and quite flaky as well, which I appreciated.  The amount of green onions and hoisin sauce was just right and not overbearing.  The beef was flavourful and not tough.

We also ordered the xiao long bao ($7.25), which was not that great, sad to say.  Although the meat inside was decent, the skin was thick, and we found a few XLBs that had already bursted.

Although I had Taiwanese beef noodles the previous evening, they didn't have my beloved knife shaved noodles, or dao xiao mian.  We ordered the Sichuan beef noodle soup ($7.95) with said noodles, which I really enjoyed.  Despite being of Sichuan style, the soup overall wasn't too spicy but still delicious.  The beef was good as well, but it was the noodles that I enjoyed the most.

I quite enjoyed the meal at Peaceful, despite the wait to actually get into the restaurant.  It's fairly clean and well-lit in comparison to other noodle houses, which I appreciated.  Their dim sum is a bit expensive compared to most places, (XLB can usually be had for $5.50 at a nice Shanghainese restaurant), but the noodles are reasonably priced.

Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-9878
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That beef roll looks GOOD! *drools*
Omg we haven't had any food outings since Kirby left! Are you planning on trying the new dessert store in downtown called Fur Elise?

@krispy: Mmm, beef rolls. No! I haven't! Just checked it out, and I am intrigued.

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