Lomography & Tartar Sauce @ Pajo's Fish and Chips

So seeing as I lent my camera to a friend, I wanted to try something new with the blog and be artsy.  I finally bought myself a Holga a while back and decided to bring it with me to a short trip to Steveston with my relatives.  We ended up going to Pajo's on Steveston Wharf and I wasted two shots (of actual film) there, just for this blog.  I apologize if the photos are too artsy for your taste.  

Being one of the sunnier days we've had this summer, it was quite busy and bustling.  They have three choices of fish: cod, salmon, and halibut, but we opted for cod for both orders since I'm not huge on salmon when it's cooked. 

Among the three of us, we ordered the large fish and chips (2 and half pieces of cod, $12.99) and the 1 and half pieces of cod fish ($6.99).  The fish, freshly deep fried, was quite greasy.  Really greasy actually.  I think it might have been because it was so drenched in oil that the outside layer was not crispy at all.  The interior though, was soft and delicious.  

The chips on the other hand... not so much.  They were kind of stale, bland, and really starchy.  I actually went to the Pajo's at Garry Point and they were significantly better.  It wasn't a busy day there today, so the ones there were probably because they were freshly deep-fried.  The only thing that made the fries better was the tartar sauce which was simply amazing.  It was very creamy and didn't have much pickles which I preferred.

As much as I wanted to like Pajo's, I didn't really enjoy my experience there, kind of how I don't really like my second picture up there.  Long lines in the sun, fries that weren't so great, and greasy fish.  Aside from all the oil, the fish was alright though.  

Pajo's Fish & Chips (The Steveston Wharf)
3500 Bayview St
Richmond, BC
(604) 272-1588
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