Havana Club & Canapes @ Clough Club

Last week, I was invited to the launch of Havana Club 3 years old rum.  Since British Columbia was the first destination for this rum to hit Canada, there was a party at the Clough Club.  I met up with fellow foodies Kevin, Rick, and Dennis and had some drinks and good food.

There were a few rum-based drinks served, including the two somewhat traditional drinks, the mojito and papa doble, as well as a Clough Club's own take on rum based cocktail, "Fredo Has a Secret".  All of them were quite refreshing and perfect for the change in weather we've finally had.  The mojito was my favourite probably because it just has that perfect summery taste.  Fredo was also quite refreshing as well, with its sparkling wine.

Along with some Cuban entertainment on the other side of the room, a generous amount of Cuban-inspired food was served too, such as plantain chips, sliders, desserts topped with pineapple, and more.  The pineapple dessert was probably the highlight for me since they were refreshing with a nice amount of custard in the middle.  Since the pineapple was cooked a bit (I think baked?) they were very sweet and had a nice glaze to them.

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Clough Club
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Vancouver, BC
(604) 899-3229
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