Fries & Udon @ Guu Otokomae in Gastown

After tweeting at a food tweet up, Doro headed for a quick dinner at Guu Gastown before heading to Bella Gelataria and the night market.  Um, yes, we ate quite a bit that evening.  We arrived at Guu fairly early at around 5pm, so we managed to avoid any lines.

I haven't been to all of the Guus in Vancouver, but with three of them down (Richmond, Thurlow, and Gastown), I think this one is my favourite.  The ambience here is a lot more casual, which is a characteristic of an izakaya.  It's probably because it's much larger than the other ones and because of the larger bar seating area.

The first dish to arrive was the salmon sashimi ($7.80). The wild sockeye salmon seemed quite fresh, and was fairly lean, which I appreciated.  Despite it being wild and lean, it didn't have the strange texture the sashimi at Mega Sushi had.

Eyeing the yam fries from the table next to us, we had to get the. "Japanese fries" as well ($5.40). Served with honey mayo, which was absolutely amazing, the deep fried yam sticks were not bad.  I like the thunder fries from Ebisu a lot more, since the insides of these ones were a tad dry, but the honey mayo made up for it all.

As the server brought the galbi beef skewers ($8.80) we were quite pleased with our choice since it looked like we would get our protein of the day.  These marinated boneless beef short ribs skewers marinated in garlic and ginger sauce included some veggies as well.  Although flavour-wise they were quite tasty, they were very hard to chew -- probably because they were medium rare (which I usually like).  We were both tired of masticating after the first few pieces.

The yakiudon ($7.50) at all the Guus is fairly consistent and we both enjoyed our carbs (or "carbo" as Guu calls it).  The udon noodles here are the previously frozen ones -- not the ones that have a never ending shelf life.  I like these more because they never have that weird sour taste and are much chewier.

Guu Gastown has sort of been my "go-to" when nobody has any suggestions for restaurants downtown.  However, despite being a "go-to" for me, the lines here are sometimes ridiculous.  Oh, and I'd say it's almost casu-fance in a Japanese way so the staff wouldn't judge regardless of one's attire.  

Guu Otokomae
375 Water St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-8682
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