Food Truck Monday #8: Street Meet Truck

Despite having a cold and feeling absolutely miserable, I braved the sudden change in weather so Food Truck Mondays could live on.  In search of something different, Andy and I drove to Railtown, since that was where Street Meet Truck was today. Neither of us had ever been to Railtown -- for those who haven't been either, it's at Railway and Alexander.

Street Meet is one of the newer food trucks, and it seems like this is one of the few that actually moves to different locations regularly.

Andy's lamb burger ($12) came with a side of chips, which seemed to be made in house and quite good.  He commented the lamb patty didn't have a gamey taste and actually didn't taste that much like lamb.  Instead, the generous amount of onions and sauce covered most of the taste.

Having heard good things about the risotto balls, I decided to opt for both the "balls and bites".  The crispy risotto balls ($5), stuffed with slow braised pork and green olives and truffle aioli.  Panko-breaded, these balls were decent.  I couldn't really see or taste much of the pork, but I was sick, so maybe I just couldn't taste it.  The risotto interior was creamy, and the balls were laid upon a bed of lettuce, which I appreciated.

The bites I got were the pork belly bites ($7), Italian agro dolce sauce.  Being braised, these were pretty good as well since they were quite soft, with a fair amount of fat in each piece.  I do believe these bites of meat had a fair amount of flavour, but I can't be sure given the situation of my sinuses.

Something that I wanted to try were the cannoli desserts, but they were already closing the truck for the afternoon.  Probably for the better because that stopped me from eating temporarily.  Overall, the meal at Street Meet was a bit pricey, even for a food truck.  Taste-wise, everything was decent, and I'd probably be back to try their cannolis.

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Street Meet
Mobile Food Truck - locations vary
(778) 838-3665
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The pork wasn't super flavourful, don't worry. There was pork in that risotto?

They're making a sandwich out of the pork belly! Extra carbs/indulgence.

@Andy: Good. Yes, there was supposed to be pork! Mmmmm pork belly. We need to go back for that cannoli!

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