Food Truck Monday #5: Roaming Dragon

Happy Monday! Monday's are kind of painful for me since I have an accounting lecture in the morning, but the anticipation of going to a food truck has always made Mondays slightly better.  In our fifth food truck adventure, Andy, Dorothy and I tried Roaming Dragon.  Having won the title of Georgia Straight's "Best Food Truck” in 2011, it's one of the more popular food trucks, but none of us had actually tried it before.

Located on a corner of Robson and Burrard, it serves "authentically un-authentic Pan-Asian cuisine" -- hence the name.  Maybe it's because of the location, or maybe because of its positive word-of-mouth, but it had quite a fair number of patrons ordering and waiting for food.

The weather was fairly nice, so Dorothy and I each got a lychee basil lemonade ($3).  We were intrigued by the basil in th name but disappointed when we actually gave it a try.  The basil flavour was barely there.  Some of the canned lychees were sour, but with the syrup, the drink was overall too sweet.

Andy was overall quite pleased with his Vietnamese sloppy duck ($8), a sandwich with 5 Spice Viet-ground duck, hoisin mayo, pickled red onion & purple cabbage, mint and cilantro, in a brioche sub.  The sloppy duck was laden with sauce, since I presume it was supposed to be in the style of a sloppy joe.  However, because of this, it was not apparent that the meat was actually duck.  The sauce was very strong in flavour, with a sweet aftertaste from the hoisin sauce.

Doro ordered the Japanese tuna tataki sammy ($8), with lightly seared “Organic Ocean” albacore tuna with Japanese 7 spice crust, Yuzu-mayo, crushed rice crackers, jalapeno and nori on a brioche bun.  I had a taste of the tuna, and I thought it was a bit overcooked to qualify as tuna tataki.  Still, the tuna was not overly mushy; maybe because it wasn't really sashimi, or maybe because it was wild tuna.

I had the Chinese pork sliders (2 for $5) because I was in a burger mood that day.  We were all quite surprised when I opened it to reveal two tiny "burgers" made with steamed man tou buns.  I thought the use of traditional Chinese steamed buns was creative, but that might be because I love man tou buns. Inside each one was a piece of braised pork belly, with pickled cucumbers, green onions, and hoisin sauce.  Although small, the pork belly packed a lot of flavour, similar to that of Shanghainese dong bo rou braised pork.  It reminded me of the meal at Fourplay with a "fusion" style of pork belly, but I liked this a lot more.  However, I finished each of these in two bites and ended up watching my companions eat.

As much as I liked the pork sliders, they were not filling at all.  (Usually I can eat like 3 normal sized man tous with condensed milk.) Still, they are worth a try -- maybe as a quick snack. We ended Food Truck Monday with a quick visit to La Taqueria, The Juice Truck, and Cartems.

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Roaming Dragon Food Truck
Burrard St & Robson St   
Vancouver, BC V6Z
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Ahhh I still need to try Cartems. I really liked the Chinese pork sliders too, but not worth the money in my opinion. The rest of the food was not impressive, and I think the Vietnamese sandwich and tuna tataki sammy are new additions to the menu. The pics don't look very good either...

@krispy: Girl, you better get on that for Cartems. And yeah... I think I'll just go to some Shanghai place and enjoy braised pork belly instead lol.

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