Food Truck Monday #7: Fresh Local Wild

Having attempted to visit Fresh Local Wild in January when it was closed for the wire, it's always been on the back of my mind.  After Andy mentioned he had a fish and chips craving, we made it our next destination for Food Truck Mondays.  Gwen tagged along as well since we were finally free from the horror that is accounting.

What I love about Fresh Local Wild is that they are "powered by fish n' chips"! It's really cool that they don't use a gasoline generator, but rather, it runs on vegetable oil. Oh and they have a patio, which we got to sit at after a short wait.

Andy, in an attempt to be healthy, forgot his original mission for fish and chips.  Instead, he ordered the BC fish shawarma ($10), filled with salmon, cod, halibut,  hummus, as well as a whole load of veggies in a pita.  Andy had a bit of trouble eating this, and a lot of the veggies fell out, even outside his reasonably sized box.  The three types of fish were actually closer to the middle and end of the pita, so he had to bear out the veggies first.

I still wanted fish and chips after last time's meal at Pajo's, so Gwen and I shared an 2 piece order of fresh ling cod (2 pieces for $17).  It was so delicious.  The deep-fried exterior was thin and ever-so-slightly crispy, not overly oily, and perfect.  The fish inside seemed quite fresh as well.  The fries. The fries were heavenly.  Already, when we were walking towards the truck, we noticed the fries were beautiful, and they were indeed.  Not overly starchy, slightly crisp, and fresh.

I really quite enjoyed the fish and chips here, though they are quite a bit more expensive than regular places.  Still worth it though, since fish and chips isn't something one eats regularly anyway.  Plus, sitting on that patio in the food truck is pretty cool.

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Fresh Local Wild
Burrard St & W Hastings St   
Vancouver, BC
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