Food Truck Monday #6: Cazba Express and Holy Perogy

Stop #1: Cazba Express

After yet another failed attempt to try Pig on the Street and a quick look on Street Food App, Andy and I made it out to the newly opening Cazba Express.  Since it was the first day the restaurant from North Vancouver opened its food truck on Robson and Burrard, all the proceeds today were donated to charity.

The menu is simple, with three chelow kabab wraps available: koobideh (beef), joojeh (chicken), and barg (steak).  We didn't actually know what they were, but a nice gentleman in front of us explained them to us.

I ordered the barg ($7), which had steak that was not overcooked and in fact, slightly pink.  This resulted in meat that was definitely not tough at all.  With the light mix of vegetables wrapped snugly inside as well, I liked the flavour.  However, the wrap itself was a bit tough at the ends.

Andy's koobideh ($5) had a very similar flavour, though the amount of meat seemed to be more generous.  I did like the texture of my barg halal more though.

Overall, though it was tasty, we were hungry for more food, probably due to the lack of carbs in the wraps.

Stop #2: Holy Perogy

In a hunt for more carbs, we ended up at Holy Perogy, which is a couple blocks down.  Usually it's not open on Mondays, so Andy absolutely had to go after we had talked about it for a few weeks now.

Located right outside the Vancouver Public Library, I really liked this food truck.  Aside from the cute perogy mascot (which reminds me of Lard Lad Donuts), they set up a table and chair in the shade for patrons.  I don't think any other food trucks except for Fresh Local Wild offers that, so I appreciated this nice touch.

We had an order of "Greek" perogies to share ($9) with spinach and feta filling, topped with onions and dill sour cream.  As much as I wanted to squeeze sriracha sauce all over it, Andy thought it would not bode well with the sour cream.  The owner insisted it was delicious though, so we got that on the side.

The perogies were cooked when we ordered since they had just sold out.  Spinach and feta are always a winning pair, and this was no exception.  To be honest, the perogies that I'm used to are those from my high school cafeteria.... so this was definitely way better, especially when they are made fresh.

I really liked this food truck because the people were so nice, and the food was definitely not bad as well.  A tad pricy for perogies, but it is a food truck after all.

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Cazba Express
Granville St & Robson St
Vancouver, BC
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Holy Perogy
700 Homer Street   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 619-2269
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