Food Truck Monday #4: Guanaco Food Truck

After nearly thirty minutes of wandering downtown in search of a food truck (that we all haven't tried before), Andy, Dorothy, and I finally found Guanaco Food Truck.  

Note to self: tweet the food trucks ahead of time to check if they're open or not.  Guanaco, often located outside of the Granville station sky train exit, serves up Salvadoran cuisine -- something that I'm actually quite unfamiliar with.

Although I've heard of tamales before (hot tamales? but that's a candy), neither one of us had ever tried it, so we shared the tamales des pollo ($4.50, tax included).  We didn't really have any idea what it would be like, but it was actually "deep fried maize pocket stuffed with chicken and vegetables and wrapped in a banana leaf".

The maize, formed into a dough and stuffed in chicken, was really just "meh" for us.  From the looks of the tamales, I thought it would have the texture of something similar to Chinese pudding cake or boot jai go, but no.  It was not chewy, but the chicken inside reminded me of the chicken from lo mai gai.

I ordered the revueltas pupasa ($8.50, tax included), which had seasoned pork with vegetables, cheese, and savoury refried black beans.  The pupasa, essentially a tortilla filled with very soft and tender pork, was tasty.  However, I wished there was more meat and cheese.  Although the pupasa came with yuca frita (cassava fries) and curtido (pickled vegetables) compared to other places, such as at El Pulgarcito, I thought this was a tad expensive, especially with the amount of meat inside.  The yuca frita, or deep fried cassava root, was alright and not overly oily.

Andy's ayote pupasa ($8.50) filled with refried black beans, cheese, and zucchini was not as good as my revueltas.  It was much milder in flavour and somewhat boring.  Sorry, Andy, for calling dibs on the pork pupasa.

Dorothy ordered the platanos fritos ($5), a fried plantain dessert.  We all anticipated that it would be similar to the plantain chips at The Reef, so we were surprised when we opened the box.  Instead of chips, we suspect plantain was mashed, formed into balls, and deep-fried.  Although the crispy exteriors were good, they were drenched in oil.  We all preferred the plantain chips from The Reef because of this.

As much as I liked the revueltas pupasas, it was somewhat expensive to other places I've been meaning to try.  The other dishes were a bit of a disappointment as well.

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Guanaco Truck
(604) 812-1497
Vancouver, BC
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What Dorothy ordered looks more like patacone.


Do try El Caracol or Los Guerreros..better value for the money, even though I understand this comes from a truck and is "street" food.

@kevin: thanks for the suggestions. And you were reading my blog at 2:30am? Before exams?

Yep. Heat KO'd me after dinner till midnight so I was up studying.

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