ChineseBites #2: Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店

As a part of ChineseBites.com's Signature Dishes Tour, a series of dinners in the Lower Mainland for food bloggers to try different Asian restaurants, I was invited to try Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot.

On this occasion, I was joined by fellow bloggers Kevin, Rick, Romina, Sherman, and Alvin for some all-you-can-eat hot pot as well as other seafood.

We ordered two soup bases: the Fatty Cow hot and spicy soup and the home-style with peanuts satay.  Although both soup bases were delicious, I sometimes prefer the normal plain soup bases more since these ones are sometimes to overpowering.  I did enjoy the ma la one though, and it wasn't too spicy for my taste.

I was excited they had deep fried fish skin.  Clay Pot Hot Pot in Richmond used to have the best, but ever since management changed, it hasn't been that great.  This one is definitely good and not overly oily.  Kind of like chips with amino acids I guess.

We each got a freshly steamed scallop served with garlic, which is separate from the hot pot menu.  This was delicious and the scallops were quite large.

Separate from the AYCE menu, lobsters are also available at Fatty Cow.  I've had lobster for hot pot only at home before, so this was nice to try out.
A variety of sliced meats were ordered, such as the rib eye, sirloin, pork jowl, pork slice, and lamb.  The meat here was decent and weren't overly fatty.  I rarely order salmon or beef cubes for hot pot.  The salmon was alright, but some of the pieces had a lot of bones in them.  I've had negative experience with beef cubes since they're usually tough, and this applied to the ones here at Fatty Cow as well.
Shrimp was also ordered.  I honestly hate shrimp for hot pot because they end up shrinking so much, and it's too much effort to put everything down and peel the shells.  I much rather just have beef slices.  I was the only one that ordered vegetables.  I was so happy they had tong ho because it's the most amazing vegetable for hot pot.  It was really fresh here and delicious.

Overall, it was a more than satisfying meal at Fatty Cow.  The interior is very clean compared to most AYCE hot pot places in Richmond, and I'd definitely consider going back again.

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Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店
5108 Victoria Drive   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-6630
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