Birthdays & Meat Loaf @ Charlatan Restaurant

To celebrate his birthday, Andy invited his friends to The Charlatan.  Since they served food as well as a somewhat large variety of beverages, I guess it could be classified as a "gastropub".

To start I got a tasting paddle ($7).  Maybe it was because I'm a girl, but the server suggested some lighter varieties of beers, such as the Kronenburg Blanc (middle).  Meh, this was my least favorite but I've wanted to try the Kronenburg before so whatever.  It was light with a hint of fruity flavour.  I ordered the Erdinger Dunkel as well as the Phillips Blue Buck; both of which I enjoyed a lot more.
I later ordered the Big Rock Grasshopper Wheat Ale, which is on special for $4.49 on Wednesdays, and Dorothy ordered a virgin mojito.

We also tried the "not your mom's meat loaf" ($14.95), a bacon wrapped meatloaf with a spinach and mushroom stuffing and laid upon a bed of mashed potatoes.  I'm not huge on meatloaf to begin with, but I enjoyed the flavour the bacon added to it.  The potatoes were very buttery and delicious, though we agreed the gravy was a bit too salty for our tastes.  The vegetables were notable and had quite a strong buttery flavour as well.

We also got the maple bourbon cheesecake ($6.95), which is housemade with Kentucky bourbon, Quebec maple syrup and candied walnuts. It had a subtle cheese flavour, and the texture was a bit firmer than creamy.  The sauce tasted more of maple than bourbon.

Overall, the food was more than okay for a gastropub.  I wanted to try out their Traditional Breakfast which is on special for 2 for 1 on the weekends if you bring a receipt from that week, but sadly I did not.  Maybe another time.

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The Charlatan
1447 Commercial Dr   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-2777
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