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Since fellow food blogger Kirby is going to be out of town for a few months and Krispymilk had just come back from a vacation, we decided to catch up and grab a late lunch in Steveston's Mega Sushi.  Located a bit farther from the busy harbour, it's at the quieter end of the area, closer to Garry Point Park.

Mega Sushi, despite the cheesy name, is actually quite fancy.  The newly opened restaurant has very modern and interesting decor.

The complimentary green tea came in a fancy cast iron tea pot with the cutest double-walled glass teacups.  I loved the teacups since this allowed the cups to be enitrely cool to touch, despite being filled with hot tea.  We were quite impressed with the presentation thus far.

We started off with the monkey brain ($8.95).  Yes.  Definitely an interesting name for this dish, and no, it was not actually any primate organ of any sort.  Instead, it was merely deep fried avocado with crab meat and cooked tuna, which was in a sort of globular shape.

This was interesting.  The lightly panko breaded avocado was noticeably filled with crab meat, but I didn't really notice the tuna.  The avocado was nice and creamy, but I didn't feel it was really that "fried" per say, since the panko crust was thin.

Something that usually often inclined to order at every single Japanese restaurant is the salmon sashimi ($7.95). The wild salmon was very lean and this led to a very different texture to what we were normally used to.  It wasn't chewy but rather, gave quite little slack when bitten into.  Other than that, I don't really know how to describe it.

We noticed a deep-fried roll on the menu and had to order it.  The paradise roll ($11.95), deep fried california roll with seaweed salad, tobiko, and spicy mayo on top, was alright.  Not what I expected in terms of "fried".  Since it was a California roll at $12, I was expecting it to somehow be breaded and have a crispy exterior, but no.  Although the rice outside was a bit crispy, it seemed like it was merely toasted.  I'm usually not big on wakame, and this applied to the roll as well.  Otherwise it seemed like a standard Cali roll with toppings.

Kirby was recommended the cherry blossom roll ($12.95) by a reader, so we ordered it as well.  I didn't really look at the description prior: avocado, cucumber, crab meat in a roll with salmon, avocado, apple sauce on top.  Wait -- avocado, cucumber, and crab meat... Inside a roll.  Isn't that a California roll? Cue awkward silence. Let me answer it for you: Yes. Essentially it was yet another California roll topped with fancy toppings.  Although the combination of toppings was nice, I felt kinda jiffed paying four times the standard price for a California roll.  It didn't help that I've sort of outgrown California rolls a few years back.

Not sure why and if every table gets this, but we received three pieces of complimentary negihama nigiri sushi.  It had quite a bit of green onion taste since it was mixed with the finely chopped tuna.

In the end, I realize that it was sort of a huge California roll fest with three dishes having avocado and crab meat.  We paid around $15 each for the meal before tip.  I was full, but I would've liked a variety of other sushi.  I prefer sushi more than rolls, so I probably won't be back.

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Mega Sushi
100-3131 Chatham St   
Richmond, BC
(604) 447-0773
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Lol I actually didn't feel the California roll feast was too much of a problem. But I kinda felt something was off when I ate the Paradise Roll... like... hey didn't we just... eat this? At least the monkey brain was different, and the cherry blossom had applesauce or something.

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