Broken Hearts & Sandwiches @ Nelson the Seagull

In a hunt for some hipster friends, Andy and I made our way to Nelson the Seagull, a hip cafe-slash-restaurant on the edge of Gastown.  Its signage is quite subtle since it was only emblazoned on the store windows.

Indeed, as Mijune stated, it was quite hip.  The wide open space, the vintage and broken tiling on the floor, the use of mason jars as cups, the furniture, and the patronage.  Donning our boat shoes, we fit in quite naturally.

There's actually a really cool drawer cabinet labelled "Broken Hearts Repair Club".  All the drawers have a luggage tag on it and curious souls can explore them, leave messages, or perhaps take some cute things others have left for grabs. Some day, when I figure out how, I will get a drawer here.

Andy ordered the carnivore sandwich ($10).  I believe their sandwich fillings varies, but today, his sandwich was filled with roast beef, boerenkaas cheese, dijon, and cilantro pesto.  The portion of roast beef was generous, and I was jealous his sandwich had so much cheese.  The sandwiches came with a simple salad with little dressing, some pomegranate seeds, and two apple slices.

Feeling extra hip, I ordered the herbivore sandwich ($7.50) with cucumber, tomato, artichokes, hummus, and cilantro pesto.  The highlight for me was definitely the bread, which is baked in-house.  Sliced thickly, it was fresh, and the interior was soft as a pillow, even with the whole grains.  I sort of hate cucumbers, so these found their way into Andy's sandwich.  The pesto was delicious with the artichoke hearts.  They chunky hummus was not that strong though, and I suspect this is due to a lack of garlic.  I wish it had more pesto and hummus.

Overall, I had a positive experience at Nelson.  Although the sandwiches are a bit overpriced, I am kind of in love with the bread.  The cafe itself also has a very relaxed feel about it, which I liked.  Bonus star for being hip.

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Nelson the Seagull
315 Carrall Street  
Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-5776
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