Crab & Mushrooms @ Paul's Place Omelettery

After hearing much about what Doro and Kem referred to as "Omelettery", Doro and I made it out to Paul Place's Omelettery on Granville for some brunch before some serious studying had to be done.

We headed there around 11am and waited around 15 minutes for a table.  The wait for food after we ordered actually seemed a bit longer, or maybe it was just the anticipation.
Doro ordered the crab meat benedict ($14?), which came with poached eggs with crab meat on an English muffin, as well as avocado slices.  Compared to the seafood benny I had at Sandbar, this was a tad cheaper and had a lot more crab meat.  Overall, it impressed her, but she mentioned that there wasn't too much Hollandaise, though.  The potatoes that came with the dish were a bit boring and greasy.

She also ordered a size of chorizo ($3?), which at first bite, was really good and had a fragrant flavour.  Afterwards, though, I felt it was overly greasy, but still, it wasn't too bad.

As for myself, I had to get an omelette, since the place is an omelettery after all.  The florentine omelette ($9.50) with shiitake, oyster, button, mushrooms, as well as garlic, onion, spinach, and cheese was delicious.  Made with the eggs, the omelette itself was actually quite thin, with what seemed like sheets of egg, rather than one.  

This resulted in a light and fluffy egg layer snugly wrapping the mushrooms.  The mushroom medley was good, and with the garlic and cheese, it was delicious.  I was a bit disappointed initially because the edge didn't have any cheese at all though.

At the end of our meal, Paul (yes, THE Paul) cleaned up our table and brought us the bill.  Paul exists! Anyway, the place was pretty good, but it was a bit expensive.  At this price, it's possible to get a decent brunch downtown with a better ambience (like at Twisted Fork).  This place is great though for those who don't really care about ambience.

Paul's Place Omelettery
2211 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 737-2857
Paul's Place Omelettery on Urbanspoon

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