On Danny's Market Screamers and Snow White

This is going to be a quick post.  You might not think that this place is that significant, but as a Richmondite, this is one of the landmarks that locals are quite familiar with.  I'm taking about Danny's Market, more commonly referred to just Danny's Screamers.  Although well-known throughout Richmond, it's actually quite far from city centre, at Francis and Garden City Road.

Originally Tiff and I had planned a day of working out and going to watch Snow White and the Huntsman after.  But of course, being the fatasses that we are, we ended up skipping on the gym.  Naturally, we went for lunch instead at Takeya Sushi in Seafair.  Prior to going to watch Snow White, we headed to Danny's.  Yes, we snuck in some screamers into the theatre.  Shoot me.

We noticed that there were a few handwritten posters stating that "Danny and his family will be here to serve you all summer".  Cute.

So what are screamers exactly? A quick Google search shows that it isn't an "actual" term.  Perhaps Danny coined this term -- I don't know.  At Danny's Market, it's basically a swirl of soft serve ice cream on the bottom, slushie in between, and another swirl on top.  We also watched them refill the soft serve ice cream machine with Dairyland milk.  Not that I have anything against other brands, but it was comforting to see that the ice cream was made from actual milk.  

I got the orange crush flavour -- my usual ($3.91 after tax).  Creamsicles are kind of amazing, so this is a pretty natural choice for me. I think the artificial orange flavour sort of toned down the sweetness that it would otherwise have with other flavours such as cream soda.

Tiff ordered a Coke flavoured slushee for her screamer.  I don't know why it seemed like it was extra dark in the theatre that day we were watching Snow White, but I couldn't really see my drink.  This sort of ended badly with the ice cream and slushee melting but still oh-so delicious.  And definitely way cheaper the fountain pop at theatres.  

And, to be honest, I'm not really much of a movie person.  Well, not like mainstream movies.  The main reason why I even watched Snow White was because of Florence + the Machine's music video for the movie.  Am I a bit lame for doing that? They didn't play the song until the credits, which was disappointing.  I wouldn't recommend the movie, but I'd recommend the screamers.

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Danny's Market
9040 Francis Road   
Richmond, BC
(604) 274-3610
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haha i didn't think the movie was that great either. I do like florence + the machines though!

@kirby: haha are you in Korea right now?! I'm gonna be seeing Florence live next month :)

"And definitely way the fountain pop at theatres." ... ???

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